Where in the world is, Jessicas Gone Viral?


Over the past year, I have had a lot of people ask why I stopped writing my blog.  I didn’t really have a great reason so I would give some quippy answer or the typical “I’m just sooo busy” excuse but I recently gave it some thought.  Why would I stop something that I enjoyed doing so much?

Reason Number 1:

I am an incredibly lazy person.  I wish I could blame this on my insane schedule (which is valid), but I certainly have time for other things I like.  Unfortunately what I like more than all other things is laying in bed watching tv.  There have been multiple times that I have rescheduled my Drybar appointments because I just didn’t see myself getting there before 4 pm.  This laziness leads to my second reason. 

Reason Number 2:

I have also gotten incredibly lazy about my skincare and makeup routines (gasp!).  Words I could never imagine myself saying 2 years ago.  I have caught myself using makeup wipes, something I never would have done unless I was desperate.  This lack of motivation led me down a path of self-doubt.  “What do I have to write about?”  “Why would anyone care what I think, I don’t even wash my face anymore?” etc.

Reason Number 3:

One of the biggest reasons for my slow down was welcoming a new member to my family, my dog Bentley.  While everyone loves their dog, my love for Bentley is unreal.   I felt he was so cute that everyone else needed to recognize his adorableness too and started down the black hole of being an Instafamous Dog Momager.  I was quickly connecting with other dog parents across the country and before I knew it he had nearly 13,000 followers and I had stopped washing my face. 

All of this changed in February when my mom was diagnosed with a blood cancer known as MDS (Myelodysplastic syndromes) and I haven’t taken a picture of Bentley since.  My poor fur baby doesn’t get to go on our weekly photo shoots and life as we knew it has changed. 

No makeup and crazy hair for my mom’s first day of chemo

This is all to say that I am back.  The product whore that I once was is still here, my obsessions have just taken on some additional forms.  While my lipstick drawer is still spilling over and I still become overly infatuated with new mascaras and serums, I also throw myself into many other things as well.  I hope you stick around, but if not, I totally get it!


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